Green Hill City has been a synonym of affordability and the quality. Affordability and quality are our key attractions as we focus on quality products at affordable price. We are one of the largest in housing business with 800 individual buildings that are constructed at Green hill City Mulpani Project.

Key features of our project are the wide road that we provide up to 11 meter. Security is another reason to buy houses at Green Hill City. Quality Management System that is another factor that attracts customer due to trust that is built within a span of time. There was this misconception among people that housing companies do not construct quality buildings which has been proven wrong after the earthquake as there were no serious damages  to the houses  expect a few, which guarantees the quality of the construction.

Our first project was Rose Village, Balkot followed by Mulpani Project which is the single largest project consisting of 800 houses. Then we started our Imadol Project, where we have 95 units of luxury homes and 90 % of houses are already sold. Latest one is Dhumbarahi Project with premium buildings inside ring road which will be shortly followed by many other projects.

Buying a land is an investment. People nowadays don’t have time for buying land and constructing houses. Most of the families are nuclear. People are interested in constructing houses on their own only if their ancestors have left them land area which is very limited. Customers are interested in buying bungalows rather than apartments after the massive earthquake in 2015. Banks are also interested in financing home loan since it is considered as a low risk segment.  Owning a house is considered a dream of every individual. We construct a dream house to our customer where they can spend the precious time with their family.

As people are getting busier day by day and they don’t have enough time to construct their house by themselves so buying a house in a colony have increased in past few years. As an individual if you want to invest in property, I would like prospects to buy properties from Green Hill City.

Thank you,

Suman Neupane